Vnetphone V8 1200m Motorcycle/Ski Bluetooth Helmet Remote Intercom (Remote Controller Handlebar) Weatherproof Intercom Headset FM NFC 2pcs

  • Remote Controller Handlebar transmit distance Barrier-free Max.10m
  • NFC function, wireless communication from close range. FM radio function
  • Up to 1200m Bluetooth distance. Support 5 people talk at the same time, fully duplex
  • Call out, call answer, call reject, call hang up. Safe auto-receiving cellphone calls
  • 5 grade waterproof. Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, GPS or MP3 Stereo music

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Bikers can receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on back seat, to conduct calls on mobile phone and listen to music or MP3 player(Stereo music/audio function which transmits from A2DP enabled cell phone, MP3 formats and GPS can also be support
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