Vinyl Sticker Decal Italian Logo Macbook, Atv Car Garage bike color photography customs and (4 X 3,45 Inches) Fully Waterproof Printed vinyl sticker

  • The Sticker size is 4 X 3,45 Inches. Metric size (cm) 10,2 X 8,8 cm.
  • Fully Waterproof Printed vinyl sticker
  • Vinyl of pretty good quality, self adhesive, waterproof. Durability up to 6-8 years in indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • “The sticker can be applied to non porous, smooth and clean surfaces such as windows, cars, motorcycles, helmets, boats, laptops, etc.”
  • Shipping from Greece to USA about 12-15 business days

Durability up to 6-8 years in indoor and outdoor conditions. Sticker can be applied to multiple surfaces, including bumpers, car windows, lockers, mirrors, metal, wood, Jet ski, ATV, any vehicle or any other flat but non porous surface. Top quality cast vinyl, self adhesive, waterproof. Stickers are made to last, meaning that your designs won’t wash off, fade, or peel. Excellent product with outstanding high tack adhesive with excellent fuel and salt resistance.
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GIVI XS308 Xstream Range Tank Bag XS308

  • The GIVI of today is a realization of a vision that has taken shape over the years.
  • The amalgamation of Italian design, a strong technological attitude and a great knowledge of specific materials.
  • It is the development of this quality idea that caused a small factory in Brescia to grow to the magnitude and global fame the company has today, now with more than 150 employees in the production centers in Italy, Europe and the United States.
  • At the root of all GIVI products, from the smallest accessory to the top of the range helmet, there are always two inseparable elements: the most innovative technology and the recognized quality of being hand made in Italy.
  • Tanklock System.

The TANKLOCK system now offers the ultimate tank bag securing system alleviating the concerns of magnetic and strap down tank bags being applied to your fuel tank. The TANKLOCK bag when combined with the appropriate make/model mounting hardware (which is a tank ring) latches directly to the fuel filler housing quickly and efficiently. Most of the TANKLOCK bags lower mechanism can be adjusted forward and backwards to enable the TANKLOCK bag to mount easily and conveniently to most motorcycle mode
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$ 170.10

italian motorcycle helmet

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