Suomy Apex Helmet (La Cocca, Large)

  • Standards: ECE 22.05, DOT, Inmetro, JIS, J22 certified
  • The new polycarbonate back spoiler moves the aerodynamic turbulence away from the helmet, thereby eliminating head buffet at high speeds
  • The face shield is pressed, cut from a flat sheet then formed with optical features and mechanical resistance; no need to apply overlapping lenses inside the face shield since it is has permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments
  • The new composites used has resulted in a lighter, tougher and more protective shell; the stiffening ribs enhance the overall sturdiness of the shell while giving the helmet a great look
  • The internal part is made of COOLMAX Active; it is a lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps the rider dry and comfortable; the cheeks pads and internal comfort shell can be removed, washed and replaced

Apex, the new carbon composite fiber helmet by Suomy was designed giving maximum consideration to internal comfort, construction technology, reliability and safety for the rider. Apex has been designed and tested in wind tunnels to optimize external flow while taking serious consideration to the internal ventilation. New materials give the shell a unique rigidity while maintaining considerable lightness in the overall weight of the helmet. Specially designed ribs were added to block aerodynamic
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