Shoei Rf1100 Chroma Tc6 Med

  • Incorporates the aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler into the shell
  • Consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight
  • Reduces lift and drag during high speed riding
  • Dual layer EPS liner provides enhanced impact absorption while not impeding cooling air flow
  • Fully removable, washable and replaceable liner

Shoei RF-1100 Chroma Helmet Shining bright for all to see, the RF-1100 Chroma is Shoeis streetbike helmet wonder in full, glittering glory. Based on a helmet that builds upon the RF-1000 legacy, the evolved RF-1100 is innovation and progression at its best. Hand built and tested in house, no other helmet matches the quality and refinement that Shoei puts into every one of its products. A best seller for a reason, the Shoei RF-1100 is the finest street motorcycle helmet available today. Shell-Int
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