SaSaMall Vnetphone® 2014 New V5-1200 1200m Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Wireless Helmet Headset Interphone Full Duplex Talking for 5 Riders

  • V5-1200 can match with V4-1200 or V8-1200,proposed purchase several sets or the other vnetphone bluetooth intercom together so that can realize full-duplex wireless intercom talking.
  • Automatic and safe receiving of mobile phone calls after 3 seconds without pressing any key but 5.riding the motorcycle as usual.
  • Fully duplex wireless communication among four riders, four riders can talk and listen at the same time, help your communication without chock.
  • Up to 1200m Bluetooth distance. Support 5 people talk at the same time, fully duplex
  • V5 has the functions of EDR and A2DP and one of its important features is that it may be connected with the mobile phone with A2DP stereo function, MP3 or GPS audio navigator so as to listen to music

This item comes from the Authority Brand VNETPHONE, which is absolutely trustworthy in the field of motorcycle helmet intercom. High quality, 1 year warranty and best customer service will make you having a perfect buying experience from our store. Well, it’s not just the reason you buy from us. Let’s see other advantages of using this 1200M motorcycle helmet intercom.

Long range-1200 meters intercom, Bluetooth interphone kits for helmet motorcycle, Snowmobile, ski, ATV etc
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