Motosolutions FogTech 100-Pack

  • APPLICATIONS–PLASTIC ONLY (Raincoat® does not work on glass)
  • Perfect for Motorcycle Helmets, Hockey Masks, Paintpall Masks, SCUBA,
  • Practical Everyday use on Glasses, Sunglasses, Boating, Motorcycle/Scooter Windshield
  • Commercial use on Welding Helmets, Jet Canopies, Helicopter Windows, Security Camera Covers, Parking Meter
  • Pack contains 100packs of 2.5 ounce packets

Easy to apply and long lasting, Raincoat® has a special wax blend that is suspended in a volatile oil. These waxes are hydrophobic, that is, they ‘hate’ water. They repel water by beading up the drops. Because those beads of water have less contact with your plastic optics, the larger ones run off with gravity or the wind. The remaining water will appear as smaller and more rounded droplets rather than a smear that distorts your vision. By repelling the water, the trapped dirt and salts stay of
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