Mermaids Plexiglas / Plastic Cleaner & Polish, 4oz Spray Bottle

  • Cleans and Polishes all Plexiglass and plastic surfaces.
  • Anti-fog, great for helmet face shields, safety goggles, soft side boat windows and convertible top windows and much, much more.
  • Anti-static, reduces scratches caused by particles that are collected by static electricity.

Mer-maids® Plastic Cleaner restores clarity and prolongs the life of plastic surfaces and helps hide scratches. It is anti-fog and anti-static. Cleans, shines and protects: boat vinyl windows, aircraft windshields, motorcycle windshields-fairings, cleans CDs and DVDs, computer screens, greenhouse, golf cart windows, convertible windows and plastic mirrors, home appliances, eyeglasses, bathroom and kitchen faucets and chrome. Plastic fabricators like using the cleaner due to its anti-static qual
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