Camo Tactical Tube Deer Hunter Winter Woodland Camouflage Bandana Military Multifunction Face Mask Ski Balaclava Snowboard Moto X Face Protection Harley Davidson Snowboard Ski Mask Multi Function Tactical Seamless

  • Deer Hunter Winter Snow Woodland Digital Camo Fit Face Mask Harley Davidson Face Protection
  • Balaclava Dust Mask Motorcycle 100% Breathable
  • Light Weight Wasahble MW2
  • Ride Safer Be Seen Face And Neck Guard
  • Snowboard Ski Paintball Biker

This is a tactical tube bandana, and unlike conventional bandanas, there are no ends to tie or seams to create pressure points, What you see is a single piece of woven microfiber. 100% breathable and wind resitant This tube has over a dozen uses. Use as:
Face Mask
DooRag or DuRag
Neck Gaiter
Hair Sleeve
This multi-function bandana is perfect for any occasion! Use for outdoor sports like paintball, hunting,or snowboarding and its also great for runner
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$ 6.99

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