Arai Cor V Nicky Gp Camo Lg Motorcycle Full-face-helmets

  • Size: Large
  • Style: Full-Face
  • Color: GREEN/BROWN
  • Warranty: Arai was the first helmet company to have the confidence in its product to offer a full 5-Year Limited Warranty. See manufacturer site for full details.

This is a replica of the helmet Born to Ride Nicky Hayden wore in Moto Gp racing in 2013. It features the Vietnam era helmet look.Limited to 200 Helmets . The new Arai Corsair V Helmet proves again that Arais main focus is the experienced rider who knows what a real helmet should do and have. It doesnt fling fashion at you; it advanced the art of building better helmets for riders. Its improvements and innovations reach down to the smallest details. Why? Partly obsession. Partly because Arai bel
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Arai motorcycle helmet


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