2014 AGV Pista GP Motorcycle Helmet – Small/Medium

  • Technical Highlights:The residual impact energy carried to the head is minimized by 36 percent in co
  • The HIC index is 48 percent below the limit founded by ECE regulations
  • The standard visor movement region has been reduced by 71 percent in comparison to the GP-Tech helme
  • This permits utilization of the space saved to enhance the thickness of the absorption material, ben
  • The visor is Class 1 optical standard certified for outstanding vision

The AGV STANDARDS project, developed during 2009 using Valentino Rossi as its number one rider, is prepared to move on the track using the very first AGV Pista GP helmet. The Pista GP establishes brand-new overall performance guidelines featuring its broad field of vision, minimal weight and streamlined dimensions, substantial ventilation system, unique ergonomic design and style and class leading aerodynamics. Evolution associated with the Pista GP started off by taking dimensions of riders hea
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